Unsure about which size or color art is right for your decor? Send us a photo of your room and we'll send it back with our art previewed in your home! Renderings require a $50 deposit, all of which will go toward the purchase of your artwork. To purchase your renderings please click here then follow the simple instructions below to receive your preview.

1. Purchase the $50 deposit (all of which will go toward your purchase). Once the deposit is purchased we will send you a $50 gift card within 24 hours.

Pictured is Preppy Zebra by Anna Moem.

2. Photograph your room straight on from the wall you are filling with our art. But photos with walls at an angle will work too!

Pictured here is Balloon Girl by Leah Straatsma.

3. Include a top and bottom reference point in your photo. Your top reference point will likely be where your wall meets your ceiling (so include a bit of your ceiling). The bottom reference point could be your floor, the top of a sofa, top of a crib, etc. Then measure the height between the top and bottom reference points. For example, measure from the top of your sofa to the ceiling. 

Pictured here are Sugar Plum Fairy and Vintage Swan by Leah Straatsma.

4. Send the photo(s) and measurement to with the subject line "Preview in my room".

Pictured is art by Annie Bailey.

5. Include in your email which artworks, artwork type (canvas or fine art paper), frame option, and size(s) you are interested in. 

Pictured is Party Animal Duck by L'Atelier Etoile.

6. In less than 24 hours we'll send you back the picture of your room with our art in the requested size(s) and frame style(s) on your wall.

Pictured is Penguin Family by Brett Blumenthal.