Artists A-Z


Anna Moem is the artist behind Green Orchid Boutique. Living in sunny California, Anna is constantly inspired by the vibrant colors of nature around her. She describes her style as “Preppy Chinoiserie”. She is a rule breaker and likes to reinvent traditional Chinoiserie by using bold colors and whimsical subjects in her prints.

Annie Bailey

Annie Bailey is a mixed-media illustration artist who works in gouache, acrylic, and oils. Growing up in the mountains of Montana, she is inspired by vibrant colors, flowers, and the wilderness. Annie has sold her work internationally as well as worked with well-known design firms to create her iconic style.

Big Nose Work

Big Nose Art was founded by Malaysian digital artist Chang Boon Kiat. He loves to create whimsical, surreal, and cute art that is inspired by the real world. In his collection you'll find adorable animals among pops of vibrant and pastel colors.

Brett Blumenthal

Brett Blumenthal is a self-taught artist and illustrator from North Carolina. Inspired by nature and wildlife, Brett loves creating realistic paintings and illustrations of the natural world and all of its creatures. Each of her prints are created from thoughtfully hand-painted and illustrated designs.

Dan Hobday

Internationally selling British artist Dan Hobday works in inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media. His diverse style spans many subjects. He is always inspired by nature and the world around him using minimal resources for his work.

Deniz Ergeç

Deniz Ergeç is a digital, mixed-media artist currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. Deniz's main focus is designing beautiful art to help customers create happy and cozy homes. You'll find minimal designs with simple, symmetrical forms in Deniz's collection. 

Elena David

Elena David is a Colorado-based graphic artist. Her designs are inspired by the things she loves the most - her three amazing little boys, her wonderful husband, and lots of global travels. From her small studio, she creates artwork that reflects her journey as an artist and as a mother.

Harrogate House

Harrogate House is a British brand from the beautiful Yorkshire town of Harrogate. Rosie Madison is the in-house artist who focuses on creating unique works and moving with the latest interior trends. The inspiration for her whimsical artworks comes from a love of interior design with bold personality and a sense of humor.

Jane Zweibel

Jane Zweibel is a Philadelphia-based, self-taught artist inspired by bright colors, playful shapes, and expressive images. She works in watercolor and digital media to depict whimsical animals and bright, joyful scenes. Jane's artwork embraces irregular lines, imperfect form, and exaggerated color.

Karine Tonial Grimm

Karine Tonial Grimm's love for painting and art began while battling depression in Berlin, Germany. What started out as therapy, painting and digital art has now turned into a full time career that has changed her life. Her abstract artwork is inspired by observing and absorbing the cultures from the various countries she has lived in.

Katie Garrison

Katie Garrison is a lifelong nature lover and is inspired by all things wild and woodland. She lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter. They spend much of their time exploring the landscape of the Rocky Mountains, which are a constant source of inspiration for her impressionist landscape paintings. 

L'Atelier Etoile

Vina Lee is the mixed-media, Toronto-based artist behind L'Atelier Etoile. Being a mom herself, she likes to challenge children's imagination with everyday household objects and food. In her whimsical and playful children's art collection you'll find truly unique and colorful illustrations. 

Leah Straatsma

Leah Straatsma is an Ontario-based artist who uses watercolors, acrylics, and more. Self-taught, she is often inspired by her two children and nature. Her work has been featured in home shows on HGTV, The Social, CityLine, and in feature films. Leah’s mission is to inspire others while creating art that is a reflection of life, its values, and its ability to renew itself.

Natalia McGuffee

Every painting Natalia McGuffee makes is made with the intention that people can find a connection - a memory of a place they visited or a place they dream to go. Each piece is inspired by the beauty of nature and will give any space a feeling of calmness and joy.